Internet is convenience and security. How to be connected everywhere?

That the internet “save our lives” in several everyday situations, we already know. Scheduling a doctor’s appointment, buying a ticket to an event avoiding huge queues, calling a car from the app when it’s raining or ordering food when you run out of cooking gas are just a few examples of how this technology has revolutionized the way we live.

However, it is not only in these situations that we see the transformation power of this tool. Imagine the following situation: you are driving through a more distant region and, when checking your cell phone, you realize that you cannot find signal. In this situation, an accident with your car happens, and you need to call someone for help to solve it. This case happened, on a larger scale, with a couple who had an accident in a canyon in California. Connectivity on site was virtually nil, but through a satellite SOS signal sent by the cell phone, they were able, in what looked like a movie scene, to be rescued.

With this case, we see that the possibility of having a quality mobile connection, internet in remote areas and backup for other connection options is an issue that goes far beyond comfort. In many cases, it could literally be the thing that saves your life.


To resolve the need for connection in the most diverse scenarios, Elsys developed Amplimax – a very simple mobile internet solution. All you need is: the equipment, a chip with a valid data plan and a place to install it (preferably outdoors). The chip operator can even be selected based on Amplimax’s blind search, which indicates the best signal available in the region.

In Brazil and South America, Amplimax is widely used in rural areas.
In the United States, Amplimax is used in RVs, trucks and remote areas.

It is based on this purpose that Elsys has been working during its more than 34 years in the market. Amplimax is just one of the solutions developed by the company to solve connectivity problems, bringing more security and comfort to millions of people around the world.


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