Solar Energy

The solar energy market is the fastest growing in Brazil and has been responsible for transforming the lives of thousands of people from the generation of new jobs, from business profitability and from the economy to the final consumer.

Highlight in The Photovoltaic Energy
Generation Market

Elsys has invested in infrastructure, specialized staff, inventory and tools that facilitate the day-to-day of the partner, and works with major brands such as Longi, Hoymilles and Trina, and has its own brand of inverters. Greener’s latest ranking presents Elsys as one of the main brands in this market for its differentials which are:

Stock instant delivery

Currently, Elsys is the only company in the market with stock instant delivery to meet integrators throughout Brazil. The Distribution Center in Jaguariúna / SP is the main hub for the business unit, with its own structure and team, in addition to the factory in Manaus that serves partners in the north and northeast.

Online platform for commercial proposal

With the exclusive Elsys platform, the integrator partner accelerates the preparation of customized proposals with the partner's logo, stays on top of all news and promotions, and maintains an organized history of all inserted projects.

Facilitated delivery

Elsys delivers the order directly to the final consumer and advances 50% of the value of the services at the beginning of the project to help partners in their performance.

Technical training

Elsys has an exclusive partnership with SENAI for certifications in photovoltaic project design, installation and NR (regulatory standards), in addition to having its own team qualified to conduct on-site training at Elsys University - a platform aimed at training our partners in commercial, technical and relationship issues.

Want to enjoy all these benefits and offer the best to your customer?

Be a Partner

Elsys Solar has more than 10,000 integrators partners throughout Brazil and there are already more than 3,000 projects implemented, transforming the lives of thousands of people and building a more sustainable future.  

The process to become an Elsys Solar partner is simple:

You sign up in our
SIGE system

Our partnership team will contact you

After all documentation has been submitted and validated, all access to our platforms is granted and the necessary training is carried out.

Solar Calculator

Facilitate the life of the customer is a project of ours!

With the Elsys Solar calculator, consumers can know an estimate of how much they can save by installing a photovoltaic solar power system by filling in a few fields with information that is already in their current light bill.