Is Elsys a reliable company?

Is Elsys a reliable company?

This is a question that you have surely googled until you came to this article, isn’t it? Your initiative is correct! After all, with the huge increase in imports and many brands acting without proper certifications in the market, you should look for who can guarantee you the right quality and services for your need.

And what reasons do I have to trust ELSYS?

  • We are a company with 34 years in the market!

Unlike many start-ups in Brazil, we have been present in the country for more than 34 years offering solutions that transform the lives of thousands of people from north to south, bringing access to information, educational development through connectivity and strengthening regional businesses for the development of the local economy.

  • We have all the certifications of competent organizations.

We are always concerned about offering the best to our customers and, therefore, we have our own engineering department in Brazil, responsible for the development and testing of all our solutions, certified by Anatel (and don’t think this is standard, see?) even before they are available on the market. In addition, in specific markets, such as AMPLIMAX – our mobile internet solution – we have international certifications that further reinforce the quality of what we offer, such as FCC (United States) and telephone operators such as AT&T and T-Mobile (United States). It’s Brazilian technology crossing borders! In addition to product certifications, our factory is ISO 9001 certified and meets all the necessary quality requirements.

  • We are present all over Brazil and in more than 30 countries.

That’s right! There are thousands of Amplimax working in 37 countries, besides Brazil, which certifies this technology developed and registered by Elsys. There are even copies of our product, can you believe it? Currently, it is the only product officially exported by Elsys, transforming lives in all continents, especially in Latin America. But we don’t stop there! Who knows what’s to come?

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  • We have relevant partners in the market

Companies such as SKY, in Pay TV, Vivo, in cable and mobile internet, and HughesNet in satellite internet, have their services marketed by our distribution network spread throughout Brazil. In addition, if you have Brastemp and Consul products in your home, you also have Elsys and you didn’t even know it! That’s because we have been partners with Whirlpool – the world’s largest manufacturer of home appliances and owner of these brands – for more than 30 years, producing the electronic boards of home appliances. All these partnerships reinforce our commitment to transform lives.

Need more reasons? We’ve got them!

  • Elsys has been in the TV market for almost 30 years, present in the interior of Brazil, with one of the most remembered digital TV receivers in the market, the Satmax 5.
  • We are certified by CLAIM HERE, which is the main channel for customer perception, for consecutive years proving our commitment to our consumers.
  • We are a GREAT PLACE TO WORK certified company, attesting our commitment to our collaborators and the organizational climate of our company.
  • We have one of the largest telecommunications distribution networks in Brazil, with more than 27,000 accredited retailers and distributors in all states of our country.
  • We are official partners of the SIGA ANTENADO | EAF project, responsible for bringing the new 5G-ready digital satellite dish to Brazilians registered in the Unified Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and our SATMAX 5 receiver was the first in Brazil to be installed in the country.

WOW! So as not to make this article even longer, let’s stop here, and now you know why you should trust Elsys?

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