Amplimax: internet for long distance trips

The world has become digital and we need to be more and more connected. Internet is mandatory for work obligations, brief communications or even possible emergencies.

With Amplimax you will be able to get super-fast internet connections and make high-quality phone calls even in places where it’s difficult to get signal.

Elsys’ solution has been used in many modes of transport, such as motorhome, boats, yachts, vans and buses. In long distance jorneys, where the internet signal is usually bad, the device solves the issue. Since it’s designed to be installed outdoors, it’s protected against water, wind and UV rays.

With an embedded high gain antenna, Amplimax allows you to enjoy your 4G data plan at its best, being a cost-effective solution tailormade for you! To learn more about the product, click here.


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