Did you know that our Amplimax is a sales success abroad?

We have gone beyond borders and reached the mark of 39 countries that have Amplimax connected. In addition to officially exporting to 10 countries, our mobile internet solution has reached more and more regions where connectivity via other means don’t have quality. Besides being an excellent solution for the great masses that have been moving to a mobile life – without a fixed residence.

In the United States, for example, Amplimax is very popular for live broadcasts and for people living in RVs. In South America, mainly Chile and Colombia, Amplimax is used in remote regions that are not served by fiber or where satellite internet is not of quality.

In Brazil, the cradle of this technology, Amplimax – which was known as a solution for rural areas – has been increasingly used for internet redundancy in urban regions, and also as a connection for radar monitoring.


“Since its development by our Engineering department, Amplimax’s goal was to bring internet to those who had no access, regardless of where they were. As time went by, we improved this solution more and more, which has been a reference in Brazil for a long time, and we are very pleased to see our technology going beyond borders”, says Edu Tolezani, Elsys’ Business Head.


Amplimax is a mobile internet solution that has a high-gain antenna and provides a signal, coming from the telephone towers, up to 6x better than a conventional cell phone. It is widely used for farms and ranches, online transmissions, trailers and motorhomes, nobreak internet, monitoring radars, connectivity of security systems, among other applications. Amplimax is the number 1 solution in the market and was developed and patented by Elsys, being an exclusive product.

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