Amplimax – A better internet connection and a better phone signal

Amplimax is the device that offers the solution for high-speed internet for companies, even in remote places


Fiscaltech, a company that develops integrated systems for Management and Operation in Technology ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), has selected the outdoors 4G LTE Modem with a high gain directional antenna, with output for data and telephony to supply the deficiency of internet signal.

The installation of the devices brought a significant improvement in connectivity, amplifying the frequency of carriers’s signal captured.

According to the technical coordinator at Fiscaltech, Antônio de Luca, the company looked into some options online and chose to go with ELSYS. The 30 units of Amplimax purchased assured reliable connection, eliminating constant failures.

“ELSYS presented great advantages with their solution. We got exclent connectivity, enabling our processes to run much more smoother. I always recommend Amplimax, since we’ve had such a good experience and managed to quickly develop our services”, highlights Luca.

The device

Amplimax enables high-performance internet connection and high-quality phone calls even in remote places. ELSYS invests in technology, products and solutions in various areas of expertise that transforms their clients lives.


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