La grabación de archivos en la nube es la forma más segura y receptiva de almacenar datos hoy en día, ¡así que creamos ELSYS CLOUD!

Almacenamiento en la nube

Elsys Cloud es el servicio de almacenamiento en la nube más asequible del mercado para grabar vídeos generados con alertas inteligentes de las cámaras de Elsys. Recientemente lanzado, el servicio tiene planes a partir de R$ 11,90 mensuales y está activado por la APP Elsys Home.

Stores your videos protected from damage or theft of your camera

You have up to 30 days of recording by events (in the Top Plan)

Download and share videos whenever necessary

Hires and changes plan according to your need, no cancellation penalty. All straight through the Elsys HOME APP!

Have security, because the videos are encrypted and can only be accessed by your account in the Elsys Home app or by whom you share

You can share with other users without limitations, which is great for community surveillance or common areas (condominiums, for example)

More comfort!

In addition to all these benefits, you have the peace of mind to keep track of your residence or business in a simple way, keeping your assets and your family safe! That’s priceless.

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