Amplimax: conexión para internet y telefonía en zonas rurales

Do you live in remote areas where internet and phone singal is unstable and weak? If this is your problem, here’s the solution: Amplimax enables phone calls and internet connection in these ares, since it’s a LTE modem compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, equipped  with a high gain antenna. It enables signal captures at long distances from the nearest tower. All you need is a SIM card with a valid data plan from your chosen carrier. Learn more about the device:


With AMPLIMAX you can:

  • Access high speed internet and make phone calls;
  • Share internet signal at your home or business, plugging it to a Wi-Fi router or use it connected directly to your PC or laptop;
  • Remotely monitor cameras and alarm systems;
  • Install a telephone, wired or wireless;
  • Find out which carrier delivers the best signal and technology at your location before purchasing a SIM card with Amplimax Blind Search.
  • Reach up to 50 Mbps download rate;
  • Increase the range up to 6x and the signal up to 400x over other USB 4G/3G modems in the market;
  • Frequency bands: 4G: 700, 1800 e 2600 MHz / 3G: 850, 900 e 2100 MHz / 2G: 850, 900, 1800 e 1900 MHz.

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